Service Delivery Methodology

Business Driven

Every project we do takes three (3) things into account: the voice of the customer, the voice of the business and tangible business results. We have several methodologies for embedding these concepts into engagement to ensure meaningful results.

Repeatable Processes

At Mystic River Consulting, we believe that excellence in service delivery requires that, each time a service is delivered, it is improved, and intellectual property is continuously created. We have a library of artifacts, approaches, processes and methods that that have been built over time, which are supported by our proprietary platform. This means that you don’t overpay for services that start from a blank sheet of paper. It also means that you benefit from the collective experience of our consultants and their engagements.

Agile Methodology

Just because a project must be agile doesn’t mean that risks don’t have to be managed, decisions don’t have to be clearly articulated and approved, escalation doesn’t need to be clear, etc. We utilize these project management approaches in a way that is far less administratively intensive.  We combine them with agile development approaches to ensure that results can be presented to the end user as early as possible, and iterated for excellence and results.

The Vision Starts with the Voice of the Customer/Voice of the Business

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