Business Innovation

Envision the Future

Our expertise in continuous infrastructure and service management have evolved our offerings in two powerful areas that can help take your business to the next level: Business Intelligence and Business Services.

Business Intelligence

Several thought leaders have said data is the new oil, and actionable business intelligence requires a sound data strategy. This leads to insight, better decisions and innovation. However, most organizations still struggle with siloed data, lack of integration across applications, lack of system-of-record architecture and non-existent data governance. Any company that does not have a data strategy will fail to innovate and lose to those that do. We provide the following services to help companies conquer these challenges:

  • Data Integrity & Governance Strategy
  • Data Lake Design and Architecture
  • Data Audit / System of Record Validation
  • Data Mapping and Normalization by Workflow and Application
  • Data Storage, Protection, Backup and Recovery Architecture
  • Multi-Dimensional Dashboards & Analytics

Business Services

Excellence in customer service is critical to retention and directly tied to revenue. Our IT Service Management success has been driven by excellence in application integration, cross-functional workflow and automation. Our customers began to ask us to apply these strategies to the customer scenario because business application disciplines don’t emphasize them. As a result, we deliver the following services which can greatly improve customer outcomes:

  • Customer Service Management
  • Customer Service Portfolio
  • Application Workflow Consolidation for Improved Customer Service